Valentine’s Day with Fabio, and Feeln

It could be argued that there are two types of Valentine’s Day celebrators in the world: those who adorn themselves with heart shaped decorations, munch on chocolate shaped cupids, and romanticize about the perfect evening — and those who detest everything about it. This Valentine’s Day, Beck Media kept both of those camps in mind.

Beck Media worked with client Feeln, the SVOD service and subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, to bring streaming viewers an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience. The finished product was “Your Perfect Valentine’s Date, which allowed viewers to stream a virtual “date” with the Italian supermodel and actor Fabio, known for his muscular figure, flowing hair, piercing blue eyes, dazzling smile, and his appearances on countless romance novel covers.

In the video, which was featured on NBC’s TODAY as well as numerous other news outlets, Fabio reclines before a roaring fire and murmurs thoughtful and supportive things….for 18 minutes.  Check it out a preview version of the video here:


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